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Mythical Madrid Studio with a lot of history. If its walls could speak, they would tell a thousand stories of all the recordings that have passed through its facilities. The origins take us back to the vibrant 80s, in the midst of musical euphoria and the constant pursuit of sound quality, the legendary recording studio was born. It's Alberto Cortéz who decides to create his home studio in the Montepríncipe residential area, a peaceful corner within a cosmopolitan city, close to his residence. He contacts engineer Mike Llewellyn Jones to carry out the acoustic design, who was also in charge of the acoustic remodeling of Hispavox, S.A. studio, and many others from that era

Llewellyn Jones designed a space that would offer pure and crystalline sound. High-quality materials, such as fine woods and acoustic insulation, were used to ensure perfect isolation and minimize any external interference. The main recording room, the live room, was and still is the studio's crown jewel. With its high wooden ceilings, strategically placed bass traps, and carefully planned spatial layout, he created exceptional acoustics with a unique and special atmosphere that is reflected in every recording.

As of today, we have renewed the aging materials that have been affected by the passage of time, while preserving the original design and acoustics. It remains one of the few studios left in the world with these characteristics.

Later, in the late 80s, it will become Audio Madrid. This studio turned into the epicenter of musical creation, attracting artists from all over the world in search of exceptional acoustics and an inspiring atmosphere.


The year was 1989 and the head coach was Kike Diez, a member of Los Hermeticos, a pop band that was characterized by its notable influences from the music of the 1960s.

the person in charge of booking and organizing audio madrid was Gregorio Esteban, goyo, one of the founders of Locomotive  Music , an independent record company founded in Madrid at the end of the 90s THAT PRODUCED GROUPS LIKE: Reincidentes , Los Suaves, Tierra Santa, Easy Rider and Mägo de Oz, among other bands.

During that time in Audio Madrid, records of BANDS were recorded, such as the Ronaldos, the Refreshments, the Surfin' Bichos, Extremoduro and a long etcetera...if you want , here is a list of the Madrid Audio Records.

Another very common character on Audio Madrid was Kike Turmix , the fat man, tour promoter and rock singer.

Turmix was an iconic presence in the Madrid scene and also stepped on stages around the world leading the group The Pleasure Fuckers , who recorded several of their albums in the Montepríncipe studio. THE GROUP WAS VERY SUCCESSFUL IN THE US AND IN ENGLAND, WHICH LEADED TURMIX TO CONNECT WITH THE RAMONES AND PEOPLE FROM THE NEW YORK punk scene.

Carlos Sainz , an assistant at Audio Madrid at that time, also tells us that a very notable recording from those years was that of the legendary drummer Carmine Appice , an American musician known worldwide for being the drummer for the rock band Vanilla Fudge.

appice also played with Rod Stewart , kiss ...He even became a part of the hard rock bands King Kobra and Blue Murder, in addition to collaborating as a session musician with Pink Floyd and Ozzy Osbourne.


appice was ecstatic about how the drums sounded in our living room DURING rehearsals for a Guitar zeus album tour.

We arrive at the year 2006, and it becomes Studio Montepríncipe, led by the Malaga engineer Bori Alarcón.

For 15 years, the studio continued to be a benchmark in the music industry: El Canto del Loco, Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Paco de Lucía, Dani Martín, Diana Navarro, Pablo Alborán, Fito y Los Fitipaldis, Miguel Poveda, and many more.

In 2022, the new chapter of Studio Montepríncipe begins under the guidance of Galician Caco Refojo. With his experience and knowledge, along with the studio's exceptional acoustics, Caco remains true to his commitment to providing a quality experience.

The studio has adapted to the times; as technology advanced, it evolved and updated with top-notch sound equipment, all while retaining its essence.

Today, Studio Montepríncipe continues to stand as a landmark in the music industry. You can see here the clients who still trust in the new Studio Montepríncipe. The walls have absorbed the essence of countless melodies, and every time a recorded song is played there, the magic of those years is felt. Its legacy endures in the collective memory of music and in the history of the relentless pursuit of sonic perfection.

We hope to remain a meeting point for music enthusiasts and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists of all generations: We don't stop here!




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