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who are we?


We offer high-quality sound in a studio built in the 80s by Mike Llewellyn Jones, maintaining the original design and acoustics. One of the few studios remaining in the world today with these characteristics. We carry on the legacy of the great Bori Alarcón, with Caco Refojo at the helm, captained by Gemma Lapeña, and with the invaluable assistance of Frank Lozano.

We are the showroom for Swissaudio, the official distributor of PSI Audio in Spain. Caco Refojo is the brand ambassador for PSI Audio in Spain. If you need to test a PSI Audio monitor, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our work philosophy combines the principles of old-school engineers with the modern way of working. After many years of hard work, we have achieved our dream in the form of a studio, and we make it available to you.

Where we are?

We are located in the Monteprícipe Urbanization , in Boadilla del Monte, within a shopping center, outdoors surrounded by green areas, with a wide range of amenities and services (bars, restaurants, pharmacy, supermarket, shops, etc.). Private parking is available.

What do we do?

at montepríncipe studio we offer Production , Recording, Mixing and Mastering services.
We have a  140 m2 facility, divided into a spacious control room AND and three spacious Recording Rooms, acoustically differentiated (LIVE ROOM, SEMI-LIVE ROOM, and DEAD ROOM), interconnected with each other and with direct visual connection. With exceptional acoustics, it is one of the few studios remaining in the world with this kind of acoustic setup. You can participate in online or in-person sessions. You can also use our facilities for shooting music videos, EPKs, commercials, photo sessions, and more.

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