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We offer you the opportunity to record the drums of your album, without leaving your studio, with the best equipment, with the best drummer Miguel Lamas and with our engineer Caco Refojo (5 Latin Grammys and 28 nominations) getting a spectacular sound out of the different kits available for sessions.

Without having to come to our facilities, from anywhere in the world.


You just have to send us the material to start recording and give us the appropriate specifications about what you are looking for (type of sound, interpretation, tunings, sampling frequency...)

In any case, we will advise you at all times.

You can follow the session via streaming.

We will send 2 different takes per theme so that, if you do not choose the streaming option, you have two interpretive options.

If not, you can choose the take you prefer in real time.

Once recorded, we send you the tracks with the highest quality.



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